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We live in a country where there is a mixture of a different culture, climate, and dog breeds. While the area dons (Indian Pariah) cope with the change in weather quite bravely. It's harder for foreign breeds to adapt to such climates. It's up to us to maintain their ideal climatic conditions, indoors. This can be quite a bit of hassle so we've researched the dog breeds that are well suited for the Indian Climate.



Labradors are one of the most common breeds in India. They have a soft undercoat which keeps it warm in a cold climate and an outer coat that repels water keeping them dry. Their coat needs to be brushed and groomed regularly so that it doesn't become a hindrance to the dog. Labrador, like any other dog, loves to eat. They're large dogs that require nutritious dog food and plenty of exercises. They are a kid-friendly breed which is why they are popular in several households.


Pugs are another popular dog breed thanks to Indian media. They are a small, judgemental breed so you better watch what you say in front of them or you'll get the eye-roll. An eye-roll from a pug comes with an extra bit of sarcasm because of the size of their eyes. They also have wrinkly skin. Kind of like the Michelin Man of dogs. Because of the bulgy eyes and wrinkly skin, they are prone to infections. Keep them well-groomed. Use a good shampoo and brush them regularly. They also shed a lot. It's easy for a pug to become overweight so be careful where you place their food. Because of the tine button nose, avoid leaving them in hot places. This can cause breathing problems and heat strokes. Keep them indoors and hydrated during summer. Keep ice packs handy in case the temperature gets really hot.


There are three kinds of Dachshunds: the Shorthaired, the wire-haired, and the long-haired. They are small miniature dogs that are perfect for the small miniature apartments that are now "Ready to move in" in metro cities. Like Pugs, it's easy for them to put on weight. Make sure to walk them every day to keep them healthy and feed them good quality dog food.


Pomeranian dogs are a toy breed of the Spitz classification and the direct descendants of the German Spitz type. Their abundant textured coat requires regular brushing and grooming. During the shedding season (autumn)they shed a lot of hair. They don’t require much exercise because they are active by nature. They're low-maintenance, very playful, and enthusiastic, especially in the company of children. Because of their active nature, they are very good watch-dogs.
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German Shepherd

They are extra-large working dogs who make fine guards to you and your family. They're an intelligent breed who are nothing but loyal to you. They are very strong and agile dogs and require a lot of energy to be handled with. Their hair coat is small to average and requires regular grooming.


They are also extra-large dogs that have a slender and sleek body. They are an active breed that requires plenty of exercises to stay fit. They are intelligent and easy to train. They have high stamina and can run very fast. They are agile and strong and extremely loyal to their owners. They need to be fed high-quality dog food with plenty of nutrition.


Dalmatians are popular dogs with kids because of the unique spots all over their bodies. They are very playful, affectionate, and easy to keep dogs. They are very active and require plenty of exercises. Dalmatians are low-maintenance and need grooming around once every two weeks.
Dogs need a lot of attention when they're puppies. Once they enter the adult stage, they're already familiar with your house and your routines. A well-trained dog is so easy to live with. As long as you do your part in keeping them healthy, there's really no reason why you get a dog. They're the ones who make our lives better anyway.