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Eat, Play, Love



If you're already a dog parent, you know how dogs have made your life better. They change your mood instantly. It's a lovely feeling to come home to them. They're waiting for you at the door as soon as they hear your car pull in. I can't remember the last time a human was that excited to see me. The best part is, you can chat with them all day, and they don't say a word back to you. They just listen and give you the look that it's all going to be alright. Or they'll roll their eyes like, "Oh, she's talking about that Neha again." It's different when you have a kid. having your kid grow around your dog molds them into kind-hearted adults who are compassionate, friendly, and just genuinely nice people. Dogs indeed make a good companion, however, the health benefits go beyond that. Here are some benefits pets bring into our mundane human-centric lives.



Physical fitness

It goes without saying that dogs need to be walked at least once a day. If you have a toddler that can walk, you can walk them in your neighbourhood or take them to a dog park, and you can bring your dog along with you. They can relieve themselves, and you and your kid can get some amount of physical exercise.  

Active social life

Having dogs increases your child's chances of socializing. It also intrigues interest in other kids and makes your child seem approachable and trustworthy. It also gives you some time to yourself when your kid is playing house with your dog, and you don't have to drink air out of an empty cup for once. This also teaches your kid the concept of sharing.



Decreased stress levels

It's proven that dog owners have decreased cholesterol and decreased blood pressure since you interact with your dog. You're just a happier person. Wouldn't you want your kid to be happy too? Having a kid or the plural form is not easy. Dogs tend to calm your kid when they're crying or throwing a tantrum. They're like magicians. They're your very own live-in nannnies that don't charge you for taking care of your kid.

Better mental health

Having a heart to heart session with your dog is no less than a therapy session. Dogs talk baby. They can understand the gibberish that comes out of their mouth. More often than not, they are actually interested with all the things your baby has to say and they take it seriously. They also teach your kid empathy. When you dog has to pee, they run to the door asking you to open it for them. This teaches the kid to think about other's needs. Also, they'll be proud of themselves for helping others. 



 Good overall health

You're not the only one with hair fall problems. Dogs shed too. This is just one of the reasons why you tend to keep your house cleaner. But wait, there's more. They also make you more resilient against allergies and germs. Isn't this a good- prevention is better than cure- type of situation? Your baby will grow up with a string immune system. Tell your dogs, "Thanks!"

Social media popularity

There are billions of people who go crazy over dogs. Even more people love babies with dogs. This is more of an advantage for you. The more popularity you gain on social media, chances are, you'll never have to work another day ever again. It's safe to say, your dog and your child are better social media influencers than you'll ever be. 

Dogs have a way of turning tiny human things into a more caring and nurturing big human things. They also make the child feel safe and protected. They do it so effortlessly. Dogs, in my opinion, are more humane than humans. They're the only animals that are faithful to us unconditionally. Unlike cats. I'm not saying that dogs are better than cats or anything. Every animal has a different impact on us. Dogs like Poodles are cute and fluffy and make your lives better. Cats like Tigers can kill us.