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If you have ever found your dog silent, hunched over and unlike their usual jovial self, then it could be that your pet is lonely and is longing for your company. Often, it happens that we get so caught up with life and its responsibilities, we forget to be a good parent to our pet. However, when we are away from our dogs, they bear the brunt of this separation and the effect this loneliness creates can even lead to depression. Especially during festive season, it’s common to find pets locked up in their kennels.

Come Diwali, let’s change the way we treat our pets during celebrations and take a few steps in the right directions to include them in the festival of lights.

Here are a few ways we can have our pets celebrate alongside us!

1. Pet Friendly Sweets

 Most Indian desserts are geared towards our taste buds and hence loaded with sugar. While our puppers would certainly love to dive head first into a bowl of Gulab Jamun, this might not be the healthiest option. Unlike humans who can process an occasional high dose of sugar, for dogs such an intake can still have unpredictable outcomes.

But wait a little before you decide to push your pet on a tasteless crash diet. Dogs need sugar in a healthier form which is catered to their needs and gives them the energy to operate. So, how do we make their Diwali as special without the famous Gulab Jamuns or Halwas? Here are a few pet friendly recipes to make sure your pet does not miss out and has a whale of a time alongside you.

Banana Bread

As a low calorie treat, this tropical fruit is easily the best choice. Bananas satisfy their sweet tooth while also giving a boost to their immune system with its high dose of vitamins and other nutrients. But as we always say, balance is key. Bananas like any other food are only healthy for our darlings in moderation.




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Ingredients for Banana Bread:


Honey- ½ cup

Flour-1 and a half cup

Eggs- 4 Milk-2 cups

Directions Mash a few bananas and transfer to a bowl.

Combine with ½ a cup honey and 1 and ½ cup flour.

Add 4 eggs and their yolks and stir in 2 cups of milk.

Cook this mixture on low to medium flame until it gets thick.

Now, get this mixture to the bowl in which you want it made.

On to the cooking part! Place a stand in a pan and heat it for 5-7 mins on medium flame.

When you’re done with this step, go ahead and cook this for 40-50 mins on medium flame. If you have an oven, bake in a preheated oven at 200c for 40-50 mins!

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter had been making headlines the past few months with a warning that it’s deadly for dogs. But, you’re in for some good news. The specific ingredient in peanut butter that screams danger to dogs is Xylitol, a sugar substitute found in sugar-free products.

However, National Peanut Board tells us that if the peanut butter you give your pet does not contain Xylitol, then it can be occasionally given as a treat to our darling doggos.

Regular peanut butter or peanut butter treats without Xylitol is good for your pet to occasionally indulge in. But make sure you read the ingredients and only feed them peanut butter once you are certain that it does not contain Xylitol and is good to go!

Don’t limit their Diwali party to just sweets!

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2. Dress Up

One of the reasons pet parents are hesitant to dress up their darlings is because we believe they have no concept of time and that they don’t understand a party for a party! But dog psychologist, Linda Michaels tells Mel Magazine, “Although your dog may love birthday celebrations (and holiday festivities) in their honor, apart from their love of great food, their glee is also a matter of what we call emotional contagion in the field of animal behavior — that is, dogs often mirror the pet parent’s excitedly happy emotional state-of-mind.”

When you’re happy, your pet is happier! And we don’t want a holiday that does not include our dogs either!


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When as a pet parent, you’re spending the evening revelling in gorgeous clothes, make it certain that you clothe your pet in comfortable accessories and make them the super stars of the pawty! Commercial sindoor is toxic to both humans and dogs. Opt instead for comfy, safe collars that you may reserve for special occasions. Do this enough times and soon enough your pupper will associate the collar with party time!

Check out these ethnic Diwali special collars made especially for your dog to bring their swag to the party in Felica store.

3. Ask friends to come along with their pets

Socializing with other puppies and dogs is central to our pet’s healthier and happier lives. Isolating them from other beings of their species is unethical and a lack of a social life has debilitating effects on them.

This Diwali, ask your friends to come along with their pets. In a controlled environment, monitor their activities to ensure they don’t get into fights with their new friends.

Find a controlled open space for them to interact and play or silently chew on a toy and lay back! To be on the safer side, it is always better to invite people your dog is already familiar with. While you are socializing with your pals, your darling is having fun with theirs! And after all that playtime, treat them to a cozy bed to rest. 

We at Felica, provide quality bedding that protects warms and comforts your pooch after a long day at play

4. Include them in Pujas

In Indian families, leaving out our puppies from Pujas is common. We exclude them out of fear that they might make a mess around the holy rites. However, often this happens when the environment is not normalized to your pet. Keeping them out of these practices piques their curiosity and the next time they’re around they want to sniff and chew on every new item! Oops! This is why loving discipline is so important.

At a young age, you should start introducing your puppy to environment you want them to be a part of. Reward and shower with positive reinforcements when they are being good. If you have not done this, worry not. You can use the week or two before the special day to introduce new items and let them get settled. 

5. Play Fun Games

From treasure hunting to good old chasing games, there are plenty of games you can play with your pet during the special day. Involve your guests and their pets and have a full blown play party! The more the merrier!


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Games keep their intellect sharp, make them happier and enhance their bonds with us! We have a lot of fun toys available on our Felica site. Whew, I guarantee that our flyer disc is going to be your pet’s new favorite toy!

That’s a wrap! We hope these five super cool tips help you and your darling doggo bond even better during this festive season. Let’s make sure that when we say our pet is family, we mean it by making our festivities, pet friendly. Don’t use loud crackers and go for quiet elegant diyas.

       We hope these tips assist you in having a happier Diwali with your pet this year. As always, make sure you practice Covid-19 regulations, wash your hands, disinfect your pet’s toys and bedding and wear a mask at all times. 

"Stay safe and Happy Diwali!"