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Living the paw-sh life

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Dogs provide us with solace. They are a source of mental and physical stimulation for us. Similarly, toys are a form of good distraction and comfort for dogs. And let's face it, they look unbelievably adorable playing with the little things. A good lifestyle is not just for us. When we adopt dogs to be a part of our family, they deserve a likewise treatment. A way of doing that would be providing proper nutrition, shelter, and maybe, as some of your photoshoots suggest, clothes. Shelter does not necessarily mean you build them their own little 1BHK. It can be as simple as getting them their own bed, placed in the corner of a room. On a side note, how cute would it be to play house with them? I'd live in that thing in a heartbeat. Okay, back to reality. Here are some benefits as to why your dog needs dog toysdog beds, and other pet accessories (this includes all your bowties and glasses).  


One of the essential times you would have to buy a dog toy or, to be more specific, a chew toy would be when they're a puppy. They have teeth that are still developing, and a toy to chew on or bite would ensure that the teeth would develop in a healthy and way. Chew toys also keep the incessant barking at bay. Check out some healthy chews and treats we have to offer. 

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If you have a hyperactive dog or even just an active one, there's only so many times you can take them out to a park or a stroll. Dog toys are your solution. Toss them a couple of toys from our shop to tug on or chase so that you can kick back with a beverage of your choice and catch up on Netflix. The point of all this is that the mental stimulation the dog gets from playing tuckers them out. Think of it like you solving a crossword puzzle without cheating. Wouldn't you be exhausted when you complete it?   

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We don't want to leave our pets alone at home on purpose. But, when we do, they need to keep busy, and the best way to pass the time until your return would be toys. And I'm not talking about Playstation. Squeaky toys! These will keep them occupied for a long time. 


Toys are always fun. Different circumstances require different types of toys. If you're going to be interacting with them, it's better to choose toys like a rope or ball or something they can tug or something to fetch. Such activities will give them a chance to stretch their legs and get a little bit of workout in the process. You can choose from a selection of toys we have to offer for the right purposes. 


Apart from all the above reasons, toys make dogs feel safe in a new environment. Whether you move into a new house or take them to the dreaded vet visit, they cherish the toys they grow up with. The smell reminds them of home. After all, home is where the heart is or in this case, where the smell is. 

Dog beds

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Yes, beds are considered as a pet accessory. Dogs need them as much as we do. Giving your dog its own bed gives them their own space. A place they can go and relax after a long day of listening to you complain about your work. Also, as your dog ages, they may develop joint pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other bone and joint-related issues. A good bed with ample support takes care of these needs. They also sleep better and independently. There are several options available and are sold on several online platforms such as ours.

Dog collars

dog collars


Collars are to dogs what ID cards are us and more. Not only do they act as a form of identification, but it also helps us keep them on a leash. Some collars ward off fleas and ticks. They help instill some discipline. They also protect the dogs from dog snatchers. You can buy your dog the ideal collar from our store. 

The list of accessories goes on and on. It's up to you, as a dog parent, to give your dog the best of everything. They provide us with unconditional companionship and unmatched faithfulness. The least we can do is provide them with a good lifestyle. They deserve it. You can find everything from beds to bowls at our store. There is more than one way you can groom and pamper your good boy because we know they're worth it.