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If you are thinking of adding a dog to your family, there are many questions to consider. A full discussion of these questions is beyond the ambit of one blog post. However, if you believe that the sex of your prospective pet is something to give serious thought to, you have got the wrong end of the stick.

Most pet parents are hesitant to adopt a female puppy as they believe that a female puppy is harder to look after and creates more litter. Unfortunately, the bias against females crosses the boundary into other species. Especially in India, it is common to come across questions by the ignorant, surprised why anyone would adopt a female.

Gender bias among pet parents is as real as it can get. People see female dogs as nothing more than breeding machines. In the breeding industry, breeders mate females at every chance with no time to rest after delivery. When they get to an age where they can longer conceive, breeders kill off the females.

Outside of the breeding industry, pet parents do not give girls a chance. They believe that females are less desirable on the grounds of biological differences and capabilities. People think that a male dog is better suited to guard a house, is more playful, energetic and low-maintenance.

We are here to do away with these myths and let you know why adopting a dog based on gender is baseless. To give puppy girls a fair chance at a good life in a lovely home, you should adopt a beautiful female and prove the naysayers wrong.

Male vs Female : Busting 5 Myths About Female Dogs

Myth #1 Female dogs are high-maintenance

When unspayed females go into heat, which is twice a year, their body produces a discharge that changes from bloody to light-coloured. If this is difficult for you, spaying is the way to go. Additionally, spaying is a great way to prevent uterine and ovarian cancer. Spayed dogs are also said to live longer, healthier lives.

Note that spaying is beneficial for male dogs too. So, if you need to spay your pet regardless of sex, it does not matter which you choose. Opinions differ when it comes to spaying policies. Some vets say that spaying is unnecessary. They say dogs can live a good life without having their bodies changed. If you are confused, we suggest you consult with your pet's vet and take a decision that is right for your dog.

Myth #2 Female dogs do not make good guard dogs

The girls are as capable and efficient at looking after your house, like the boys. In the end, it boils down to their upbringing. Female dogs are intelligent, sensitive, incredibly loyal and attached to their parents. You can rest assured that your furry friend will take care of you and your house. Some even claim that female dogs make better guards owing to their fierce maternal instincts.

Myth #3 Female dogs are not affectionate

Look, all dogs are lovely. That said, the subtleties of temperament depend on their breed, past, bringing up and unique personality. As American Kennel Club says, “In general, there is no significant difference in temperament between male and female dogs. If you are getting a dog for a pet, you will want to have your dog spayed or neutered, which will eliminate most minor differences anyway."

Myth #4 Female dogs are moody

Dogs are complex living creatures with a scope of emotions. When a parent does not fulfil the needs of their dog, she is bound to get moody. If you find your dog aloof and attach it to their sex instead of asking yourself, whether you have done right by them, then, the problem is you. Some people say that their good boy is more affectionate. Some say, their good girl is more independent and less clingy. Other pet parents have experiences of the opposite with their girl dog being clingier and affectionate. Dogs come with their distinct personalities. We keep hearing how in humans, we can trace our issues to our childhoods. The same goes for dogs. To an extent, a dog's personality depends on the kind of past experiences they have gone through. The case is rare when we can pin a behavioural issue to sex alone.

Myth #5 Female dogs are not as playful

Dogs love to play. Playing and exercise are, in fact, necessary for their social, emotional and physical welfare. All dogs, regardless of sex, love to play! Throw them a squeaky toy, you will see that it is an offer they just cannot refuse. Better yet, ask pet parents with female dogs if they've ever found their dog saying No to playtime! The answer will be a resounding No.

Look at these myths closely. You will see that they spring from the anxiety that the dog might not serve their intended purpose. To play, to entertain and to guard. They reveal a lot about how humans think of dogs. Despite the oft-cited adage, "a man's best friend", cases are rare where humans maintain true companionship with dogs. Consciously or unconsciously, a dog is added to a family for selfish reasons. We want them to entertain us and hence before adopting a dog, pet parents want to be convinced how having one will benefit them. It is not surprising why so many people are quick to abandon their dogs when they stop becoming 'useful' for them. If you are thinking of adding a new animal member to your family, ask yourself these two questions. Do you want to forge a beautiful friendship or do you want to pass time? We hope it is the former.