Practical Tips to Make Thanksgiving a Blast for Your Dog



During these difficult times, a way to feel better is to remind ourselves of the billions of things we have to be grateful for. From the beds we sleep on to our own darling pets, gratitude goes a long way in the journey of healing. Come Thanksgiving, let’s learn to express our gratitude to our pets in a way that’s understandable for them. Because, it goes without saying that, often, our pets top our list of indispensibles. Here are a few ways to ensure your doggo has a whale of a time beside you this festive occasion -

Puppy Playdate

Socialising your puppy is important because usually socialised puppies grow into adult dogs who find a variety of situations a walk in the park. Take your puppy out to a playdate or even a sleepover with her friend.Do your part by bringing her favourite toys, treats and bedding. Don’t forget to sanitize all of her belongings.

Quality Time

Quality time is as simple as spending an extra few minutes tending to them in your regular grooming session. Cuddle them, pamper them, give them a million belly rubs for the million times they have made life easier for you. In fact, when you cuddle your dog, both of your brains release oxytocin, the chemical of love and happiness which strengthens their bond with you.

Great Food

A reason why Thanks Giving stands out is mainly because of the great meals we get to dive into. But when it comes to our pets, our decisions should be one that carefully considers their health conditions. It can be difficult to take our time to sit down and prepare a home cooked indulgence for them amidst preparing for a thanksgiving day. You don’t have to get upset! There are plenty of human meals that are enjoyable and healthy for dogs. Here are a few:

Scrambled Eggs

Peanut Butter


Fruit Salad

Boiled Chicken

Omelet with Spinach

Oats Cookies

Fun Filled Exercise

Use that backyard space for an evening of games! Exercise does not have to be boring. Convert your daily walks into entertaining games that physically and mentally stimulates them. Making play a part of your exercise is a fun way for you to break out of a routine and bring enjoyment to your sessions. These games are certain to keep your dog entertained, happy and calm:

Tug of War


Hide and Seek


Treat Hunt


Gratitude is something we have fallen short on these days. Thanksgiving celebrates all that we hold close and our pets hold a uniquely special space in our hearts, don’t they? We hope this dogsgiving is a blast for you and your pet! Have fun and stay safe!